You And Your Boy Scout Troop Can Raise Proceeds For Needy Families In The Community With A Car Wash And Vacuuming Sessions

Auto detailing is complicated. Read on to learn about the right tools to use and the right techniques so you don't damage your car.

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You And Your Boy Scout Troop Can Raise Proceeds For Needy Families In The Community With A Car Wash And Vacuuming Sessions

21 October 2017
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If you and your boy scout troop are trying to raise funds to donate to needy families in the community, hosting a car wash and vacuuming sessions is a great way to teach kids responsibility and how to give back to people in need of financial assistance. The following guidelines will help you orchestrate an event that will help collect funds needed.

Pick A Spot And Hang Signs

Choose an outdoor area to host the event. If you often hold meetings with your troop members at a local community center, inquire with the owner if you can use part of the property outdoors to hold the car wash. If troop meetings are held at your home, clean your property's driveway in preparation for the car wash and vacuuming event.

Hang large, colorful signs along the edge of the spot chosen. Signs should include information about the services you and your troop members are offering, the cost of each washing and vacuuming session, the date and times that the event will take place, and how the money that is raised will benefit people in the community.

Purchase Materials Needed To Clean And Vacuum Vehicles

Purchase a large jug of automotive detergent, several scrub brushes, cleaning cloths, and sponges. If you have a water hose, but do not have a nozzle to secure to the end of it, purchase a nozzle that is adjustable and will allow you to increase or decrease the amount of water that is released from the hose.

Fill buckets with soapy water prior to the vehicle cleaning event. Purchase or rent a shop vacuum cleaner that has several hose attachments. Assign group members various tasks. For example, designate a couple members as the car washers. Assign a couple more as vacuumers. Remaining group members can welcome customers and instruct them where to park. 

Sell Beverages And Snacks And Set Up A Collection Box

Buy some bottled or canned drinks and an array of bagged snacks and set them on a table. Place a collection box next to the food and beverages and hang a sign that specifies how much each item costs in front of the table. As people are waiting for their vehicles to be washed and vacuumed, they can purchase drinks and food items if they would like. If you place some chairs near the snacks, people will be able to relax as they wait for their vehicles to be serviced.