3 Great Tools To Use When Detailing Your Vehicle

Auto detailing is complicated. Read on to learn about the right tools to use and the right techniques so you don't damage your car.

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3 Great Tools To Use When Detailing Your Vehicle

23 August 2018
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Car detailing is the act of thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It's extremely important for maintaining that new-car look and smell. If you plan on performing car detailing on your own, you'll want to invest in the following tools. 

Power Buffer 

An important part of the car detailing process is applying wax on your vehicle's exterior. Doing so helps you achieve a nice luster from all angles. Waxing by hand can be time-consuming and exhausting, though. A better way of approaching this task is to wax your car with a power buffer. It enables you to apply even coats of wax quickly, saving you both time and energy. A lot of power buffers today have a lightweight design, which makes them easy to maneuver around your vehicle. Most are battery-powered as well to ensure your range of motion isn't limited in any way.

Portable Shop Vacuum 

Over time, dirt and other debris can get tracked inside your vehicle's interior. They make your vehicle look dirty and could even cause odors to develop. Fortunately, cleaning these things out of your vehicle will be easy when you use a portable shop vacuum.

Featuring a high-powered suction, these vacuums enable you to clean the interior carpet and floor mats within minutes. Their portable design makes them easy to transport around your vehicle while you're cleaning. These shop vacuums also usually come with a lot of important add-on attachments, such as crevice tools. They help you clean the tight corners and cracks of your vehicle. 

Microfiber Towel 

After washing your vehicle thoroughly, it needs to be dried quickly before streaks begin setting in. Using a standard towel may seem like a good idea, but it can actually do damage. For example, if too much pressure is applied, standard towels can cause scratches.

You don't have to worry about this happening when using a microfiber towel, though. It features a soft material that can gently wipe away water and other residues on your vehicle's exterior. Microfiber towels are also durable and don't absorb water. This is paramount for preventing bacterial growth. Lastly, these towels can hold more water at a time compared to traditional towels.

Although material possessions aren't everything, you deserve to have a vehicle that you're proud to show off. Giving your vehicle these striking aesthetics revolves around auto detailing. You can master this art -- even as a beginner -- simply by investing in the right equipment. 

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