Recommendations To Keep Your Vehicle's Exterior Clean And Maintained

Auto detailing is complicated. Read on to learn about the right tools to use and the right techniques so you don't damage your car.

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Recommendations To Keep Your Vehicle's Exterior Clean And Maintained

18 August 2020
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As you maintain the interior of your vehicle and its engine components under the hood, it is a good idea to also keep up on its exterior condition. Regular cleaning of your vehicle will keep the paint finish shiny and prevent corrosion from bird and insect droppings, tar, ice melt chemicals, and mud that can tarnish its appearance. Here are some options to choose from to clean your vehicle's exterior for an improved and protected appearance.

Automatic and Drive-Thru Car Wash

When you want to get your vehicle washed but you don't want to put in a lot of effort or even get out of your vehicle, you can opt for an automatic car wash at a local car wash business. With an automatic car wash, you can choose from a variety of different wash packages to include options such as wax application, undercarriage cleaning, and a pre-wash suds soaking. 

In the winter, you can select a package with an upgraded cleaning to remove salt and ice melt chemicals from your vehicle's undercarriage and have your vehicle hot-air dried to prevent the water droplets from freezing onto your vehicle once you exit the wash. An automatic car wash usually uses brushes that spin to thoroughly clean the sides and top of your vehicle, so be sure you remove any antenna on your vehicle and move inward your side mirrors to prevent damage to your vehicle's exterior. 

Touchless and Gentle Car Wash

When you want to wash your vehicle in an automatic car wash but you don't want to run the risk of any small scratches appearing on your vehicle's exterior, you can look for a touchless car wash. A touchless car wash uses arms that come across and around your car and applies cleaning bubbles and sprays water to rinse clean your vehicle. 

You can also look for extra protection to your vehicle's exterior of a gentle cleaning but without the touchless wands. A soft-touch cleaning car wash uses lengths of soft cloth that wipe the dirt and stains from your vehicle's exterior. After the cloths are wiped over your vehicle, it will get a clean rinse to remove all the dirt and suds.

Self-Service Wash Port

Instead of relying on a machine to wash your vehicle, you can use a self-service vehicle wash port. In this type of vehicle wash, you can select the type of treatment, such as a pre-treatment soak, fast rinse, or sudsy brush. You control how long you use each wash selection and how clean you can get your vehicle.

Next time your car gets dirty, consider visiting a drive-thru, no-touch car wash like Laconia Car Wash.