Temporary Plate Bag Types And Usage Tips

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Temporary Plate Bag Types And Usage Tips

5 April 2021
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If you use dealership tags and temporary registration during test drives and customer sales, you may have encountered damaged to a tag or dealt with a client complaint associated with a paper tag becoming torn or lost. Temporary license plate bags will protect plates or papers that are going to be displayed on a vehicle and can be issued during standard vehicle exchanges.

Types Of Bags

Heavy-duty plastic bags that are rectangular in shape and slightly longer and wider than a standard license plate or paper tag, and may contain an adhesive backing and a side strip that can be used to contain a metal or paper tag, to secure it to the backside of a vehicle.

A vinyl pouch that contains a fabric strap, and that includes an adjustable feature and a closing apparatus, is an alternate type of bag that is both reusable and waterproof. This type of bag can be secured to the inside of a trunk, via the fabric strap. A dealer's tag or a temporary registration paper tag will show through the vinyl covering that runs across the front of the bag.

Fabric that is secured to the backside of a bag will be used to anchor a wide fabric strap. The fabric will prevent scratches from appearing on the backside of a vehicle and will provide a metal or paper tag with the stability needed to keep the item in place while a car is being transported down the road.

The Issuing Process

You will be issued a set number of dealer tags and this amount will be dependent upon the number of vehicles that are for sale at your place of business. Since metal tags are weightier than temporary registration tags, you may want to use plastic and fabric bags when displaying dealer tags. Secure one bag to each vehicle that will be test-driven from your lot.

The selling of vehicles may fluctuate, and this could result in you needing multiple bags for temporary paper plates. Purchase a box of plastic plate bags that contain adhesive. Keep the bags in the office that is used to complete paperwork that is necessary for the sale of a vehicle.

After a client has chosen a vehicle, paid for it, and signed any paperwork necessary for the sale, wash and detail the vehicle. After the vehicle is clean and dry, place the temporary license tag inside one of the plate bags and secure the bag to the backside of the vehicle.