Learning About Auto Detailing

Auto detailing is complicated. Read on to learn about the right tools to use and the right techniques so you don't damage your car.

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Learning About Auto Detailing

Hi there, my name is June Young. Welcome to my site about auto detailing. The average car quickly develops a thick layer of dirt and debris while driving down public roads. Exhaust fumes leave a thick layer of black soot on the back bumper and painted surfaces. If you do not clean off the debris on a regular basis, your paint could end up looking scratched and dull. Using the wrong tools and techniques could also damage your paint. I will use this site to help everyone learn the best practices and equipment to use for auto detailing tasks. Please visit often to learn more.

Four Ways to Get the Most Out of a Self-Service Car Wash

8 February 2016
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Self-service car washes sometimes get a bad reputation. Some people feel that they can't possibly be as effective as automatic car washes, or that there's no way to actually get your car clean in the time allotted. The truth is, however, that a self-service car wash can be a convenient and affordable way to keep your car clean—as long as you take a few steps to ensure you get the most for your money. Read More …